Should You Buy New or Used?

Finance Questions
June 6, 2021

Buying a car but not sure whether you should buy new or used?

You're not alone. That is the same question thousands of Canadians make every day.

The answer? Well that depends on you.

Buying pre-owned: 

  • Lower cost to purchase
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Less depreciation

Buying new:

  • More choice
  • Promotional interest rates
  • Full warranty

Buying new is always going to be the best answer if you have the money to do so.
But what if you are financing and have credit issues?

In that case, you want to finance as little as possible to keep your interest minimal.
That's where used vehicles make more sense.
You can still get a great vehicle but for less money.

In all cases, you want to compare your options.

We see situations all the time where a new vehicle is actually cheaper than a used one.
The good news is that Crowfoot Credit will always compare those options for you.
Our goal is to get you the most car for the least money.


That is our commitment to you.






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